The Cosy Cottage Box

Don't let the post-Christmas season get you down, and definitely don't let the weather do it either. This nippy time of year is ideal for those who love snuggling up by a fire, fluffy slippers and hot chocolate nearby... and who doesn't? December's box will make sure that there's no...

Top 10 British Christmas Attractions

1. Winter Wonderland Starting in the capital city, London's Winter Wonderland Christmas celebration is one of the United Kingdom's most famous Christmas spectacles. It takes place in the beloved Hyde Park, and is hard to categorise as Christmas Market because it's just so much more than that. It has everything...

Christmas Movies

1. Love Can a film actually get more British than the cast of Love Actually, the setting of London at Christmas, a cheesy Christmas song that nobody can get out their heads, office Christmas parties, school productions, Number 10 Downing Street? I'm not convinced it can. From the halls of...

A Quaintly Q&A with Suzy K Quinn

author of multiple novels of various genres, interviewed by Megan Thomas You've been writing the Bad Mother series for 5 books now, which includes the delightful 'The Bad Mother's Christmas'. Was it important to you to get a Christmassy one in there? Definitely! I wrote the Bad Mother series for...

Your Ultimate British Christmas Guide

Of course, Christmas is Christmas and the basics are ubiquitous in any country with a Christian tradition. That said, everybody celebrates it, if they celebrate it at all, in their own way. Each family seems to have its own traditions, which change over time and as people come and go....

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