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I receive my Box, at home or at the office


I receive my Box, at home or at the office

What’s in the box

Quaintly & Co

The only subscription box for anglophiles and admirers of the British Isles. We send out a surprise package of British lifestyle gifts based around a different theme each month. Visit the dedicated website to find out more!

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British Teas

Mystery Tea & Snack Boxes

A chance to try out our gift box featuring gourmet teas from British brands and a selection of delicious cakes biscuits and other teatime treats.

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Jennifer, IL USA
2 September 2020

I love love love the boxes they send!! Everyone is different with fantastic gifts. I plan on subscribing for a long time!

Cindy, FL USA
1st February 2021

Thank you so much! My daughter is loving these boxes!!!

Sue, New Zealand
8th July 2020

The Cotwolds one was amazing... loved the fudge and the smell of lavender was gorgeous. Wishing I got the next size up. Will definitely be getting it again. Thank you

Paulette, OH USA
30th January 2021

Thank you for your lovely boxes! The Dec box was packed full of wonderful goodies and was such a pick me up since this quarantine!!

January 2021

Can't thank you enough for the Christmas box...I really look forward to it each husband and I always joke that HM came by in her Range Rover with another package! :)

Crishe, India
10th December 2020

It's a lovely package filled with beautiful things... I surely will leave a review

Kari, Canada
12th November 2020

The Historic Britain box from Quaintly & Co arrived today, I couldn't be happier with the contents. This really appeals to my inner history nerd!... Great theme, great box.

Sabrina, Germany
4th November 2019

My first package from Quaintly & Co... this year there are Royal cookies for Christmas time!


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