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British Christmas Treats Box

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Celtic Herbal Luxury Box Set

Worth over $500


The 6 month subscription includes a FREE Premium Quintessentials gift box every month from November's 'British Christmas' themed box until April 2023.

Over 18's only

Worldwide Entrants welcome

Entries close Friday October 21st at noon

(Eu winners will receive an alternative to the treats box due to customs restrictions)

A Chance to win our British Christmas box as a part of a 6 month package to Quaintly & Co. We send out monthly packages filled with products from UK brands, and we LOVE to be able to support small businesses during this difficult time. Expect to receive a lovingly curated box of feminine accessories, jewellery, homeware and stationary as well as a free copy of our monthly magazine 'Love British Lifestyle



Our range of British Christmas boxes launch for orders on October 25th 2022

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