English Heritage Drawer Liner
£4.00 £8.00

Eltham Palace combines a medieval and Tudor royal palace with a glamorous 1930s Art Deco mansion. Home to textile millionaires, the Courtaulds, the house has cutting-edge interiors and is wrapped in beautiful gardens which have both medieval and 20th-century elements.

These energising and uplifting fragranced drawer liners, inspired by Eltham’s Art Deco designs, features aromatic citrus, grapefruit, lime and orange top notes combined with a zingy basil, bay and jasmine heart, and a patchouli and woody base. Manufactured in the UK by Woods of Windsor, five beautifully scented drawer liners, which can be individually sized to delicately scent and fragrance cupboards, clothes and linen for over 3 months. 5 Sheets 50 x 33 cm.

Key Features:

  • Made exclusively for English Heritage
  • Made in the UK
  • Fragrance inspired by the Art Deco era