First erected over 5.000 years ago, Stonehenge is one of England's most perplexing and mesmerising monuments. Used as a burial ground in both the Neolithic and Bronze ages, it is constructed of a series of enormous stones, some featuring hundreds of carvings of axeheads and daggers.  

Nobody quite knows how or why the Henge was built, but there are many theories and evidence of use throughout the ages including Roman and Saxon artifacts on the site. Mid-fourteenth century author Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that the stones were put in place by the Wizard Merlin as was widely believed at the time, while some modern day Druids still claim that the site was built by their celtic predecessors prior to the Roman invasion of Britain.  Today's Druids still frequent Stonehenge as a temple of worship, seeing the perfect alignment of the stones with the midsummer solstice as a monument to to man's longstanding connection to the natural world.

Whichever version of Stonehenge's history you choose to believe in, why not let your imagination run wild with a visit as the days grow longer and longer.

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