Now, we’re not suggesting that you invite as many as 30,000 guests round to your little patch of greenery like the Queen does… But since her famous summer garden parties have been called off this year, why not create your own by following our simple guide to getting everything just-so?

  1. Begin at 4pm. The Queen’s parties always officially begin when she and her family enter the garden to the National Anthem at this hour.
  2. Make it charitable The Queen’s parties reward outstanding contributions to public service. Why not use your party as an opportunity to celebrate those important individuals close to you who have helped get you through this past year?
  3. Establish a dress code. Morning dress or lounge suits for gentlemen and day dress with hats or fascinators for the ladies or national dress or uniform.
  4. Serve sandwiches, lots of them. Preferably cucumber and don't forget to have the crusts cut off!
  5. Cater to all! Any good host (and we're sure the Queen is the best!) knows to anticipate varied requirements amongst guests so be sure to put on a good spread.
  6. Set the scene. It just wouldn't be royal unless you break out the best china for the occasion, and don't forget to decorate your tables with a floral display!

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