A deceptively simple garden task. It goes without saying, as we all learned in biology classes, plants need sunlight, nutrients and water in order to photosynthesize and grow. However, get the watering part wrong and you could not only be wasting your time but be doing more harm than good to those precious little organisms. In general, best practice is to water in the early morning or evening so as not to burn the plants through magnified sun on the droplets, and to always water the roots rather than the leaves!


One of the most perennial of garden tasks, but one which can be very rewarding and some say even therapeutic, is the "dreaded" weeding. As the old English saying goes "one year's seed is seven years weed", you will save yourself a lot of time if you can pull weeds up before they go to seed and spread further. Another tidying trick to get your garden looking great is to deadhead the flowers that you would like to bloom more, as removing these will encourage new growth.


When it comes to deciding what to grow, plan carefully. It is so important to choose the right soil for your plants, and to plant according to the climate where you are. Always read the label when you are sowing seeds from scratch, as planting seeds at the wrong time of year will be unlikely to yield best results. Planting a steady succession of seeds for your vegetable patch is ideal if you can, so that you are not inundated with everything arriving at once and can harvest all summer long!

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