British Isles Place Mats
British Isles Place Mats British Isles Place Mats
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British Isles Cork Place Maps. A starter in St Ives, main course in Margate or a dessert in Dundee perhaps?

This fun new product will do more than strike up a conversation at the dinner table. The Screen printed cork elegantly displays towns and cities and their boundaries right across the British Isles from Dover to Aberdeen to Dingle.

6 place mats that when separated each contain a sixth of the British isles whether its the north of England, Scotland or Ireland you can choose which section you want to eat in if you get to the dining table first.

The British Isles Cork Place Maps, destination dining tableware, making your meal go further (don't forget your routes) Where will you be eating today?


made from:

Screen printed black in the UK. Packed in a craft recyclable cardboard box.


Each Place Mat is 310 x 270 x 3mm